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M. Kučinskis and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany discuss opportunities to develop mutual cooperation

On Wednesday 1 March, Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis held a meeting with Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany Sigmar Gabriel in Rīga. The officials discussed the cooperation between the two countries, covering the broadest scope. Particular attention was given to cooperation in the area of security, the potential to expand economic relations and cooperation on topical EU issues.

Germany is one of the key trading partners of Latvia. Last year Germany became Latvia's second largest trading partner. The most promising areas of cooperation with Germany are considered to be transport and logistics, engineering and mechanical engineering, information and communication technologies as well as tourism. "The advantageous geographical location and developed transport infrastructure allows Latvia to position itself as a gateway in North-South and East - West direction," said M. Kučinskis.

 The security policy issues were also addressed at the meeting. The Prime Minister noted that the practical implementation of the Warsaw Summit decisions is one of our priorities. "We highly appreciate regular participation of Germany in NATO's air policing missions and training, as well as secondment of staff to NATO Force Integration Headquarters and the Strategic Communications Centre," said M.Kučinskis.

During the conversation, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany confirmed that the security of the Baltic States is just as important to Germany as Germany's security.

The officials stressed that the strengthening of the strategic communication should also be one of the priorities for cooperation, in view of the risks of hybrid threats.

As regards the future of the European Union (EU), especially after UK's withdrawal from it or Brexit, M. Kučinskis and S. Gabriel shared the view that the EU has to be consistent in its actions, and it should not be diminished, for example, only to the level of a free trade area. Also, speaking of the EU-UK cooperation in the future, the two officials agreed on the need to work to create a mutually beneficial model of cooperation.

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