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Prime Minister: The EU budget needs increased resources

On Friday 23 February, Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis participated in the European Council meeting in Brussels.  The European Council focused on the Multiannual Financial Framework beyond 2020. 

Latvia's position on this issue is that an internally strong EU needs to continue convergence, which can be achieved both through cohesion, by strengthening the common science and education space, and by investing in interoperability of infrastructure.

 “A strong and united EU will be based on the EU’s Multiannual Financial Framework that achieves balance between the work we have done so far and new challenges in the field of internal and external security," said M.Kučinskis.

In order to continue this development and convergence, from which all EU countries can benefit, sufficient resources for the cohesion policy should be allocated to the EU budget.

 “Convergence can happen if we have fair competition, it should therefore be stressed that the next EU’s Multiannual Financial Framework must provide equal direct payments to farmers," said the Prime Minister.

He also pointed out that the huge differences with regard to direct payments cannot be justified, because most of the costs are the same for farmers in the EU.

As regards education, research and innovation, it was pointed out that these areas are equally important for continuing economic and social convergence. It is necessary to ensure that scientists from all EU Member States have equal opportunities to participate in the development of the science, research and education space.

At the European Council, it was emphasized that Latvia is interested in timely agreement on the next EU’s Multiannual Financial Framework in order not to delay the introduction of funds and projects.


Andrejs Vaivars

Press Secretary to the Prime Minister

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