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Prime Minister: The EU climate goals require adequate funding

On 12-13 December, the leaders of the European Union (EU) member states met in Brussels to discuss the current issues such as climate policy objectives, the EU's multiannual budget for the next period, Brexit and foreign policy.

The leaders of the EU Member States agreed on a gradual transition to climate neutrality. The EU Heads of State and Government shared a point of view that it requires appropriate instruments, including financial ones.

"The European Union must have ambitious climate objectives while making sufficient investment to achieve them. In the case of Latvia, this means adequate investment from the cohesion and agricultural funds,” said Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš.

During the discussions on the next multiannual budget of the European Union, the leaders agreed that the President of the European Council, Charles Michel takes over the chairmanship of negotiations from the Finnish Presidency. When discussing the Conference on the Future of Europe, the Heads of State agreed that it should focus on issues and areas that are essential for the citizens of Europe, for instance, economic growth, social welfare, security and climate issues.

The leaders of France and Germany informed, in the course of the European Council, on the results of the Normandy Summit that was held this week. The European Council unanimously decided to extend sanctions against Russia as no progress has been made regarding the implementation of the Minsk Agreement.

The issues discussed at the meeting also included the reform of the World Trade Organisation, the EU's relations with Africa and the situation in Syria.

On Friday 13 December, the leaders of the Member States met for the Euro Summit to discuss the development of the EU’s Economic and Monetary Union, the progress made and agreed that the ministers for finance should continue their work on building a sustainable union.

The Summit was concluded with a discussion on Brexit. Following the convincing victory of the Conservative Party led by Boris Johnson in the UK’s extraordinary elections, the leaders agreed on further work to ensure a coordinated withdrawal of the United Kingdom and early launch of negotiations on as close EU-UK relations as possible.

 “Latvia is interested in building good and close relations with the United Kingdom. There are also discussions at the European Union level on future models for cooperation with the United Kingdom following Brexit,” said K Kariņš.

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