Press releases

15.10.2020 Ministru prezidents

Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš and the Heads of State and Government of Estonia, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden, representing the country at the meeting of the Heads of State and Government of the EU Member States at the European Council, have agreed to call on the European Council to decide on more ambitious climate objectives, as proposed by the European Commission.

06.10.2020 Iekšlietu ministrija

On Tuesday, October 6, the Cabinet of Ministers (CM) approved the amendments submitted by the Ministry of the Interior to Cabinet of Ministers No. 360 of the Regulations “Epidemiological Security Measures to Control the Spread of Covid-19 Infection” on the Implementation of the “Traveller Registration Control Information System (IECIS)”.

30.09.2020 Ministru prezidents

Today, during the meeting with President of France Emmanuel Macron, Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš discussed the key matters of mutual interest to Latvia and France in the context of both, the European Union and foreign relations, by emphasizing that the two countries share a common objective – a strong Europe.

30.09.2020 Ministru prezidents

When presenting her policy priorities to the European Parliament on 16 July 2019, the President of the European Commission announced her intention to put forward a European Democracy Action Plan, in order to protect our democratic systems and institutions from any external intervention.

28.09.2020 Veselības ministrija

In order to additionally inform persons arriving or returning to Latvia about the need to observe self-isolation, from Monday, 28 September 2020, Latvian mobile operators will send a text message (SMS) to everyone who crosses the Latvian border. 

15.09.2020 Valsts kanceleja

On Tuesday, 15 September, the Cabinet of Ministers, taking into account expert advice and the latest research data, decided to shorten the self-isolation period required upon entering Latvia from abroad to 10 days instead of the previous 14 days.

11.09.2020 Veselības ministrija

Due to the increase in the incidence of Covid-19, self-isolation will have to be observed when entering Latvia from Estonia. This regulation takes effect from 00:00 on 12 September.

08.09.2020 Veselības ministrija

If the incidence of Covid-19 increases in Estonia, the residents of Valka and Valga municipalities will not have to observe 14 days of self-isolation. Such a decision was made today, on 8 September, by the government, so that the inhabitants of these cities may freely cross the state border on a daily basis and their access to services, family and working conditions are not affected.

04.09.2020 Valsts kanceleja

On Wednesday, 4 September, in response to the aggravation of the epidemiological situation and the increase in the incidence of Covid-19 in Lithuania and Estonia, the Cabinet improved the legal framework governing the mobility of persons between neighbouring countries.

04.09.2020 Veselības ministrija

Today, on 4 September, the government adopted amendments to the Cabinet Regulation*, applying a special regulation in the borderland so that people who work or study in Lithuania or Estonia on a daily basis can continue to do so if the morbidity increases in neighbouring countries. This was an important issue, as with the rising incidence of Covid-19 in neighbouring countries, there could be a situation where 14 days of self-isolation should be observed for all those returning from Lithuania and Estonia. This indicator has not yet been reached.