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M. Kučinskis and President of the European Commission agree that amount of EU funds should not decrease

On Thursday 19 October, Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis met with Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission (EC) in Brussels.

During the meeting with J.C. Junker, the officials discussed the future of the European Union (EU), including the EU budget after 2020 and the migration-related developments, as well as the possible support of the European Commission to Latvian flood-affected farmers.

As regards the crucial issue of the EU budget after 2020, the two parties agreed that the amount of the EU funds should not be smaller. The Prime Minister pointed out that Latvia makes every effort to achieve the EU's average living standards as soon as possible, and much is being done to implement the reforms necessary for the country, while stressing that the support of the EU funds will play a major role also in the future.

As to the flood compensation for Latvian farmers, M. Kučinskis and J.C.Junker discussed the situation regarding prolonged rains, which have led to an emergency situation in vast areas of Latvia. The preliminary losses for Latvian farmers are currently estimated at EUR 37.3 million. The Latvian government has responded and officially announced the state of emergency in 29 districts of Latvia, and is also planning to financially support flood victims. In addition, it was emphasized that the losses are too large to compensate them only from the state budget funds.

"Latvia expects solidarity-based attitude from the EU in providing support to Latvian farmers who are in emergency situation caused by floods," said the Prime Minister.

As regards migration, M. Kučinskis pointed out that Latvia participates in solving the migration crisis and fulfils its obligations. Latvia has met most of its commitments by providing support for EU operations and missions. During the conversation, it was clearly stated that additional asylum seekers cannot be admitted to Latvia - our country has a clear position that participation in relocation activities can only be realized on a voluntary basis.

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