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M. Kučinskis: the development of digital skills across the population can be facilitated by a modern education system


Within the framework of the summit, the European Union (EU) Heads of State and Government focused on two topics - "The Future of Governance" and "The Economy and the Future of Society". During the session "The Future of Governance", a debate was held on the role of EU state and public authorities in fostering confidence in free and open Internet and society. At the second session, "The Economy and the Future of Society", the Heads of State and Government discussed what infrastructure will be needed in the future to ensure the development of the European data economy.

M. Kučinskis, in his address to the participants of the summit, pointed out that a modern education system that meets the requirements of the future labour market is required to ensure that the population is ready to adapt to digital development.

"Nowadays, data is the main resource that can generate unexploited value added. Free flow data activities have to be ambitious. I am convinced that, with a joint effort, we can increase the competitiveness of the EU countries and take full advantage of the opportunities provided by digital technologies," said M. Kučinskis.

At the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development signed a memorandum of cooperation with several companies of ICT industry, the non-governmental sector, as well as educational and research institutions.

Latvia is committed to providing an unlimited number of free e-signatures to the eID card for entire society, thus promoting the use of electronic services. This year it is planned to develop a secure mobile signature platform.

The Digital Summit in Tallinn was attended by the Heads of State and Government of 28 EU countries.

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