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New food circulation rules for limiting spread of Covid-19

As a delegated assignment from the Cabinet of Ministers, Kaspars Gerhards, Minister of Agriculture, has issued an order which aims to limit the spread of Covid-19 at food retail stores and public catering venues during the state of emergency and will allow food producers to continuously produce and sell their products.

Kaspars Gerhards, Minister of Agriculture: “During the state of emergency it is crucial that working processes be adapted to ensure continuity of food products and catering services, whilst also ensuring maximum safety in the environment and method of these processes, taking care of the health and safety of the public and those working in the food industry. So far we have already seen that the majority of food producers, processors and caterers are quickly adapting their operations to comply with the government decision – they have altered work processes and capacities, as well as refocused on other forms of food provision, such as food deliveries. Work processes in the food and catering sector are being closely monitored by the Food and Veterinary Service.” 

The order stipulates the following:

     1. Enterprises involved in food circulation, which provide catering services or sell unpackaged food products that do not need to be rinsed or thermally processed prior to consumption (e.g., cookies, ready-made products, salads), shall ensure that said products are sold only in packaged form in self-service areas or are packaged upon request of the consumer.

     2. Public catering enterprises shall provide each visitor with an individual set of tableware and cutlery, as well as napkins (e.g., plates shall not be available stacked in the visitor area, forks and knives shall not be placed in open containers). 

The order shall come into force upon its publication in the official publication “Latvijas vēstnesis”.


Information prepared by: Dagnija Muceniece,

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